About Our Pizza

​We make our dough daily, sometimes twice a day, depending on how busy we are. Hand-formed into individual balls, proofed overnight and deliciously ready for the next day!


Our sauce is the perfect amount of house spices, tomato sauce and paste.  It adds the right touch of yumminess to the toppings!


We use the freshest ingredients possible and take pride in what goes on your pizza. We're confident you'll agree!

About us

We specialize in PIZZA! That's it, nothing else. Our pizzas are made with hand tossed dough that is made daily. It's topped with a perfectly blended red sauce (or ranch if you choose). On top of that is 100% real mozzarella and the freshest ingredients. Our name says it all
"Nuthin' Fancy...Just Good Stuff".

Family Owned and Operated by: Tommy, Kathryn, Jared and Caitlin.
Francisco and Mario hard at work!